Instruction Books

For machines produced during or after 2005, our instruction books are placed at Agroparts
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You can also find HARDI spare Parts Catalogue at Agroparts 

For older HARDI machines (before 2005) you can find instruction books below
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Quick Guide Downloads

Title Filename Extension Size
3_PT_Boom_Manual_10521903.pdf 3_PT_Boom_Manual_10521903.pdf pdf 4,135.87 KB
67000603 Foam Marker Standard 11-2021.pdf 67000603_Foam_Marker_Standard_11-2021.pdf pdf 970.73 KB
67021003 HC5500 Controller Version 2.01.pdf 67021003_HC5500_Controller_Version_2.01.pdf pdf 1,488.14 KB
67021703 Navigator 3000-6000 Version 3.01.pdf 67021703_Navigator_3000-6000_Version_3.01.pdf pdf 4,780.48 KB
67021903 HC6500 SW 1.2X Version 1.21.pdf 67021903_HC6500_SW_1.2X_Version_1.21.pdf pdf 1,663.23 KB
67022203 Ranger 550 Version 1.11.pdf 67022203_Ranger_550_Version_1.11.pdf pdf 3,531.43 KB
67022403 Ranger 2000 Version 1.11.pdf 67022403_Ranger_2000_Version_1.11.pdf pdf 4,080.95 KB
67022803 TERRA FORCE BOOM Version 1.11.pdf 67022803_TERRA_FORCE_BOOM_Version_1.11.pdf pdf 4,204.49 KB
67023003_Saritor_US_Version_1.10.pdf 67023003_Saritor_US_Version_1.10.pdf pdf 7,538.11 KB
67023203_Presidio_US_Version_1.01.pdf 67023203_Presidio_US_Version_1.01.pdf pdf 6,553.20 KB
67023603 ISOBUS SW 3.XX Version 1.11.pdf 67023603_ISOBUS_SW_3.XX_Version_1.11.pdf pdf 2,584.83 KB
67023803_HC_8500_9500_SW_6_0_Version_1.10.pdf 67023803_HC_8500_9500_SW_6_0_Version_1.10.pdf pdf 8,488.18 KB
67024003 EAGLE SPB_SPC Boom Version 1.11.pdf 67024003_EAGLE_SPB_SPC_Boom_Version_1.11.pdf pdf 3,019.62 KB
67024103 CM 4500_5500_7000 Version 1.11.pdf 67024103_CM_4500_5500_7000_Version_1.11.pdf pdf 4,087.92 KB
67024503 COMMANDER TWIN FORCE US Version 1.10.pdf 67024503_COMMANDER_TWIN_FORCE_US_Version_1.10.pdf pdf 6,108.25 KB
67025103 DELTA FORCE BOOM US Version 1.01.pdf 67025103_DELTA_FORCE_BOOM_US_Version_1.01.pdf pdf 3,133.64 KB
67025303 HC 8600_9600 SW_1_x Version 1.01.pdf 67025303_HC_8600_9600_SW_1_x_Version_1.01.pdf pdf 4,356.51 KB
67025503 ISOBUS SW 2.XX Version 1.11.pdf 67025503_ISOBUS_SW_2.XX_Version_1.11.pdf pdf 2,450.49 KB
67025503_ISOBUS_SW_2.XX_US_Version_1.10.pdf 67025503_ISOBUS_SW_2.XX_US_Version_1.10.pdf pdf 2,942.64 KB
67025603_NAVIGATOR_3100_3800_4500_6200_US_Version_1.01.pdf 67025603_NAVIGATOR_3100_3800_4500_6200_US_Version_1.01.pdf pdf 3,413.52 KB