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HARDI Careers

Available jobs:

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Product Design Engineer New Product development, create designs, product testing, establish bills of materials, support production department.  Davenport, IA 52806 Product Design Engineer Job Description.pdf 


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HARDI North America Inc. does not discriminate on employment by age, national origin, race, sex, or religion. Employment with HARDI North America Inc is on an employment-at-will basis.  HARDI North America Inc may at any time terminate employment for any lawful reason with or with-out notice, and an employee may do likewise. By completing this form you are requesting future consideration and is in no way a contract or a guarantee of employment.  By completing this form, you as an individual, represent that all information present in this form is complete and accurate.  If the information presented in this form is found to be false or to have been intentionally omitted, and the individual completing this form is subsequently hired, adverse employment action, including termination, may occur.  HARDI North America Inc is a smoke-free work place.