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Mike Copp - Farmer/Dealer

10 November 2015

Mike Copp - Farmer/Seed,Chemical & Equipment Sales


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Mike Copp is a farmer and business owner from Columbia City, Indiana. Mike owns Harold Copp Farm Supply doing business as Copp Farm Supply. Mike’s Farm Supply business is a Chemical, Seed and Short-Line equipment dealership. Along with running the business Mike operates a 1,500 acre farm consisting of Corn, Soybeans and Wheat. During the spraying season Mike will spray on the average 250 to 400 acres a day doing most all of this either before the business opens in the mornings or after it closes in the evening covering a total of 3,000 to 4,000 acres a season. Mike has been a long time HARDI sprayer dealer and has in the past used the HARDI trailer sprayers on his farm. Mike has had a number of HARDI sprayers in the past starting out with a TR500 and the last one he had was a COMMANDER 6600.


When HARDI came out with their line of self-propelled sprayers in 2013, Mike decided to take on the line of self-propelled sprayers from HARDI. Shortly after doing so Mike purchased one of the SARITOR model 5000’s to use on his farm. Mike’s SARITOR carries 1,300 gallons of spray liquid and is equipped with a 120’ TERRA FORCE boom with AutoHeight function, the HARDI HC9500 rate controller and as all HARDI self-propelled sprayers, the extremely accurate DynamicFluid4 fluid system.



One of the reasons that Mike was so interested in the SARITOR was the 120’ TERRA FORCE boom. Mike feels that this boom is the best available. It has the strength that he feels is needed and the widths to cover his acres quickly and efficiently. Mike also likes the capacity of the 1,300 gallons and the accuracy that the DynamicFluid4 fluid system delivers in conjunction with the HC9500 rate controller.


Mike claims one of the things that has been so surprising to him over the years as an equipment and chemical dealer is how little importance some growers place on their spraying equipment. As a long time chemical dealer, Mike realizes how important it is to have an accurate sprayer for safe, cost effective application of the chemicals used on today’s farms and believes the sprayer should be valued as one of the top pieces of equipment on the farm.


Tank size: 1300 gal
Boom: 120' TERRA FORCE with integrated NORAC boom height control

Year: 2014

City: Columbia City 
State: Indiana
Country: United States 
Farm size: 1,500 acres 
Acres per yr.: 3000 to 4000 
Crops: Soybeans, Corn, Wheat