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A Danish industrial fairy-tale 
The HARDI idea started in 1957, when Hartvig Jensen established the company. He was a gardener and needed a quality sprayer. After a few years the company expanded horticulturally and invested in large production facilities outside Copenhagen. The HARDI sprayers were soon retailed not only to Danish, but also European farmers, and the company expanded rapidly.


HARDI was founded more than 50 years ago in Denmark. In 2007, the company joined EXEL Industries (approx. EUR 450 million revenue, 2,600 employees) which is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange. World leader in spraying technology, EXEL Industries is present in the three major spraying areas: Industry (spray guns and other application equipments for liquid, viscous or powder products), Consumers (hand operated sprayers for gardening) and Agriculture (field, orchard and vineyard sprayers).


HARDI is an organisation with:
-sales, production and product development facilities in France, Spain, Australia, North America and Denmark
-sales companies in Scandinavia, Germany and Great Britain
-importers covering the rest of the world.
-the following trade marks in its portfolio.: HARDI, EVRARD, ILEMO

HARDI employed staff: 
Total world wide approx. 1,050 people
Based in Denmark approx. 575 people

HARDI facilities in square feet:
HARDI group main factory, Nørre Alslev, Denmark - 505,904 sq ft
HARDI-EVRARD headquarters, Savigny, France - 55,972 sq ft
HARDI-EVRARD factory, Beaurainville, France - 166,841 sq ft
Pommier factory, Viabon, France - 69,965 sq ft
HARDI Australia headquarters, Adelaide - 161,459 sq ft
HARDI North America headquarters, Davenport - 99,028 sq ft
ILEMO-HARDI, Lleida, Spain - 64,583 sq ft
Sales offices England, Norway, Germany, USA, Australia - 86,111 sq ft

Courses and training:
Number of participants in HARDI courses per year approx. 2,000 people

Sales and marketing: 
Number of countries to which HARDI products are sold is more than 120

An Environmental Statement is available for the company’s main factory in Nr. Alslev; call +45 4358 8324 for more info


HARDI History

Time line

  • 1957 HARDI was founded by Hartvig Jensen Production of the 1-cylinder HARDI pump started
  • 1958 Factory buildings in Glostrup, Denmark were bought
  • 1959 Started export of pumps to Evers & Wall (England)
  • 1967 SVENSKA HARDI was founded
  • 1971 Nørre Alslev was built 5,000 m2 (today 47,000 m2)
  • 1987 EVRARD in France acquired
  • 1988 ILEMO in Spain acquired
  • 1987 The air assisted concept TWIN was born
  • 1989 New head office and factory in Taastrup
  • 1995 World leading hand-operated sprayers COOPER PEGLER was acquired
  • 1997 Auriga Industries acquired HARDI
  • 1998 Australian production site established
  • 1999 POMMIER in France acquired
  • 2000 New paint facility and redesigned factory layout in Nørre Alslev
  • 2001 Consolidation of Scandinavian markets. Delivery of fully assembled and tested sprayers directly from Nørre Alslev factory
  • 2002 Australian distribution acquired
  • 2003 All production in Denmark gathered in Nørre Alslev
  • 2004 Sales organisation in Poland established
  • 2005 Launch of the New COMMANDER trailers based on "Functional design". 12 European Awards
  • 2006 Launch of "The intelligent sprayer" concept
  • 2007 HARDI 50th Anniversary - Download brochure  
  • 2007 HARDI joined EXEL Industries
  • 2010 HARDI SERVICE parts supply distribution set-up established in Sagvigny in France
  • 2011 HARDI introduces new 3-D logo along with the new HARDI payoff "The Sprayer"
  • 2011 HARDI introduces ALPHA evo based on ergonomics, visibility, optimization
  • 2011 New 15,000 sq ft building addition for HARDI North America - Davenport, IA
  • 2012 Start up of the new North American powder coat paint line in Davenport